On the World Mental Health Day

Abnormal results in Cervical Cancer Screening may trigger symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Oncgnostics GmbH draws attention to this on the annual World Mental Health Day on 10 October and points out that conspicuous Pap test results and/or positive HPV tests have a negative effect on the psyche of the women concerned. The company, which specialises in the diagnosis of cancers, refers to a recent study.

In the study, 3,753 women were surveyed online. Out of these women, at least one abnormal finding was reported by about half of them as part of cervical cancer screenings. More than half of the affected women suffered from recurring abnormalities for more than a year. Stress over this long period of time has an impact on their mental health. 28 percent of the women showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder at the time of the survey.

World Mental Health Day draws attention

Already in 1992, the World Mental Health Day was organised by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). It aims at raising awareness of mental health and the needs of people with mental disorders. Physical illnesses are generally acknowledged by society and attributed to external causes. However, mental illnesses are still widely thought to be self-inflicted today.

oncgnostics GmbH draws attention to psychological distress

With the study published in July, oncgnostics’ managing directors Dr Alfred Hansel and Dr Martina Schmitz as co-authors point out the current situation in cervical cancer screening, as explained in detail in the press release below.


Press Release
On the World Mental Health Day
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