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Which tools and equipment do I need for performing GynTect<sup>®</sup>?

GynTect® is a PCR-based test, during which the methylation of certain DNA regions is detected. Prior to the performance of the PCR test the patient sample is treated chemically. You receive the Bisulfite conversion kit required for this chemical treatment from the GynTect® distributor. For the performance of the bisulfite treatment you need a heating block with cooling option, e.g. a simple thermocycler with a block for 0.5 ml reaction tubes. The GynTect® assay currently is established on the realtime-PCR platforms Abi7300 and Abi7500 (Life Technologies).

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How long does it take to get a GynTect<sup>®</sup> test result?


GynTect® can be performed within one lab working day, independent of the number of tests performed in parallel. The hands-on time, which includes sample preparation (10 min) prior to the bisulfite treatment and a purification (30 min) after this chemical treatment, as well as the set-up of the PCR reaction (10 – 30 min depending upon the number of samples), is readily comprehensible. At the end of the PCR run max. 30 min are required for the evaluation of the results.

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Which controls are included in a GynTect<sup>®</sup> run?

A GynTect® assay for a patient sample includes two internal controls: (1) the detection of a DNA fragment which only functions if the sample material after bisulfite treatment is of sufficient quality and quantity; this fragment does not contain methylated bases; (2) the detection of a methylated DNA fragment which indicates that the methylation of the DNA has remained stable during sample transport and preparation.

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