Professional opinions / statements

GynTect® may supplement cervical cancer screening based on human papillomavirus tests. The data indicate that the test may detect among women tested HPV-positive those who require clarification of their cervical disease status.

Prof. Dr. Magnus von Knebel-DoeberitzDirector applied tumor biology, university hospital Heidelberg and co-founder of mtm laboratories GmbH

oncgnostics has identified and clinically validated its patented biomarkers which may be used in various fields in cancer diagnostics. This allows strategic partners from the pharma and diagnostics field the access to innovative and reliable tests in a growth market.

Oliver SchachtPhD, CEO Curetis AG; co-founder of Epigenomics AG

With GynTect® patients quickly and reliably receive certainty in the clarification of unclear Pap- and HPV results. Thus the test may help to avoid unnecessary invasive diagnostics and treatment and reduce costs in health economy.

Prof. Dr. Matthias W. BeckmannDirector, women‘s hospital, University Hospital Erlangen, Coordinator S3 guideline cervical carcinoma and Chairman of the guideline commission of the German society for Gynaecology & Obstetrics (DGGG)