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Reliable cancer diagnosis

Development of molecular assays based on epigenetic biomarkers which allow early and reliable cancer diagnostics – this is the intention of oncgnostics!

Improve diagnosis

Our products should allow an early detection of diseases to substantially inprove therapy success. Notice: if detected early, almost all cancer cases are curable.


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Neuer Standort der oncgnostics GmbH in Jena Nordoncgnostics GmbH

We’ve moved: More space for new challenges

At the beginning of May, things were turbulent, because we moved into our new offices and laboratories. The new location in a business park in Jena enables us to create more opportunities for our company growth and to increase our (international)…

Study „OroCa-Graz“ – Study on Head-and-Neck tumors: oncgnostics GmbH cooperates with the Medical University of Graz

The biotechnology company oncgnostics GmbH is researching a method for diagnosing Head-and-Neck tumors together with the clinical department for general ENT at the Medical University of Graz as part of the “OroCa-Graz” study. 550,000 people…
Vertriebspartnerschaft zwischen der oncgnostics GmbH und der EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AGoncgnostics GmbH Susann Nuernberger / EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG

International sales partnership with EUROIMMUN for Distribution of GynTect

Biotechnology company oncgnostics GmbH is announcing a collaboration with the international diagnostics group EUROIMMUN, a PerkinElmer company. As part of the cooperation, EUROIMMUN will sell the cervical cancer test from oncgnostics GmbH, Gyn-Tect,…

oncgnostics GynTect

Our fist product, GynTect®, enables reliable and fast diagnosis of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous stages.

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