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As a biotechnology company, we at oncgnostics GmbH have been working on the diagnosis of cancer on a molecular biological basis since 2012. Our cancer tests are used in early cancer detection and diagnosis.

Our first product, GynTect®, was developed with the aim of improving the early detection of cervical cancer. The molecular biological test for cervical cancer has been on the market since 2015 and exemplifies the technology we specialise in as a biotech company: Highly informative biomarkers patented by oncgnostics GmbH form the core of the company. Experienced scientists work together on innovative cancer diagnostics of the future.

As a spin-off of the University Women’s Hospital Jena, oncgnostics GmbH with its research and development team works with international partners on various pipeline projects.

oncgnostics GmbH – Molecular Biotechnology from Jena

Jena provides us, oncgnostics GmbH, with the advantages of the university and high-tech city that allows us to work as a young research team on innovations in the field of molecular diagnostics. Experienced scientists can thus work together to lay the foundations for improved cancer diagnostics in the future.

Investors and partners

Partner oncgnostics GmbH

Molecular biological tests based on epigenetic biomarkers that enable early, reliable and rapid cancer diagnostics – that is the goal of oncgnostics GmbH. For studies, projects or international sales we collaborate with various partners.

About us

oncgnostics GmbH

The management of oncgnostics GmbH consists of the founding members of the company. A highly motivated and constantly growing team of industry-experienced employees and ambitious scientists work at oncgnostics GmbH.


GynTect® supports the early detection of cervical cancer. In addition, oncgnostics GmbH develops molecular biological cancer tests for head and neck tumours and ovarian cancer and is working on further research projects.

GynTect® – the molecular biological test for cervical cancer

Detailed information on GynTect®, our molecular biological test for cervical cancer, is available at

In addition to a special section for laboratories and gynaecologists, patients can also find interesting information about cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening.

GynTect Test auf Gebärmutterhalskrebs
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News und Aktuelles

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