oncgnostics GmbH is a spin-off of the University women’s hospital Jena, Germany.

oncgnostics was founded in 02.2012. A EU joint project (INCA – Infections and Cancer) with research concerning epigenetic changes during cervical carcinogenesis at the functional unit “Gynecologic Molecular Biology” provided the basis for the spin-off. A subsequent EXIST research transfer project funded by the BMWi enabled the preparation of the foundation.

Neuer Standort der oncgnostics GmbH in Jena Nord

Since 05. 2021, oncgnostics has its office and labs in the industrial park in the north of Jena. Before that, oncgnostics was located at the Beutenbergcampus Jena

Epigenetic markers for fast and reliable cervical cancer diagnostics, the application of which we have patented, provided the basis for the development of GynTect, our first diagnostic test, which may be used in early detection, therapy decision and post-surgical care. We plan to patent markers for applications in further diagnostic fields.

Research and development as well as the management are certified according to ISO 13485 since early 2013.