Oncgnostics GmbH cooperates with SAYRE Therapeutics in India

oncgnostics cooperates with Sayre

Bangalore/Jena, 28.04.2016 – The biotech firm oncgnostics GmbH will start distributing its molecular diagnostic test GynTect for use in cervical cancer diagnostics in an exclusive partnership with Sayre Therapeutics.

GynTect is a molecular test, which allows timely clarification, if a patient with abnormal Pap test finding and/or a positive test for the cancer-causing human papillomaviruses already has or develops a cervical disease that requires treatment. The test provides fast and reliable results and thus quick certainty for the patient. This facilitates the risk assessment for the patient drastically: unnecessarily rash decisions may be avoided, and the chances for a successful treatment are increased. GynTect is already available in the European market, it has received CE IVD mark in the end of 2015. Together with Sayre Therapeutics, oncgnostics intends to address the markets of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Dr. Alfred Hansel, CEO at oncgnostics, stated “India has the highest prevalence of cervical cancer world-wide with high mortality rates and with the country’s dedicated efforts toward cervical cancer screening , the Indian subcontinent is an attractive market for oncgnostics.”

Vandana Subramanian, Head- Business Development at Sayre stated, ” Cervical cancer, caused by Human Papillomavirus infection, is the leading cancer in Indian women, accounting to nearly 1/4th of the global cervical cancer incidences as well as deaths.

Our collaboration with oncgnostics provides a tremendous boost in our efforts to bring cutting-edge molecular diagnostic products to the Indian subcontinent. Sayre is committed to making available life-saving medicines, devices and diagnostics in South Asia, to benefit the patient community and improve their quality of life.”



Further information about GynTect® as well as the test procedure, are found here.
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