Oncgnostics receives award: Germany’s most innovative companies

The business magazine Capital selected Germany’s most innovative companies for the third time. Oncgnostics GmbH made it into the selection. The biotech company scored particularly well in the evaluation criterion of innovation areas.

For the third time, Capital, together with the market research institute Statista, determined Germany’s most innovative companies. For this purpose, they brought around 3,600 innovation experts on board. In a first step, they recommended companies and gave their assessment. In addition, the experts were able to add to their list from 40 innovation competitions of the last three years. The expert assessment covered the areas: “products and services”, “processes” as well as “cultural and social innovations”. Subsequently, 9 categorised reasons for recommendation were assessed. “Regularly delivers innovative products” or “has installed innovation-promoting business processes” are examples of recommendation reasons. The partial results were finally transferred into a 5-star scheme. In total, the experts scrutinised 2061 companies from 20 different sectors. 470 companies received a rating of four or five stars.

Germany’s most innovative companies: oncgnostics gets four stars

oncgnostics received five stars in the innovation category and a proud overall rating of four stars in the “Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology” sector. In addition, the biotechnology company was identified as a company with a particularly technologically relevant patent portfolio.

List of the most innovative companies

The results of the ranking can be viewed online at Capital.de. We are listed under the 3rd category “Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology” as one of 8 of the most innovative companies with < 250 employees. You can read all about our innovative product GynTect®, the test for cervical cancer, at www.gyntect.com. You can also find out about our research projects and pipeline products at www.oncgnostics.com.

Cover picture: Shutterstock.com/BB DESIGN STOCK