The way to a GynTect® test result

You have a positive HPV test and/or an abnormal, unclear Pap smear result. And you want to know:

    • Do I get/have cancer?
    • Do I need surgery?

Ask your gynecologist for GynTect® or contact us directly!

Your gynecologist takes a normal smear from the cervix. He/she sends the smear to either his diagnostic lab or directly to oncgnostics, and receives the result which he/she then discusses with you.

GynTect® gives clarity:

Women tested GynTect®-negative don’t have to get surgery: instead, testing for HPV after 6 months should demonstrate if the infection is already cleared.

Women tested GynTect®-positive should attend a specialized colposcopy clinic, where the disease is specifically localized and removed by surgery.

Download Flyer for physicians/diagnostic labs.