A startup turns 10 – oncgnostics grows with its employees

10 years ago a small, very motivated team founded the oncgnostics GmbH to improve cervical cancer screening. Since then, oncgnostics GmbH has been growing and with it the number of its employees. On the occasion of the anniversary, it is time to share the experiences of the employees of the biotech company.

10 years of oncgnostics – employee from the very beginning

Production manager Dr. Juliane Hippe, head of production, has been with the company from the very beginning. Already as a student she joined the Gynaecological Molecular Biology work group of the Department of Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine of the Jena University Women‘s Hospital. When oncgnostics GmbH emerged from the working group, the biologist was pleased to receive her first employment contract, a PhD fellowship. In addition, Dr. Juliane Hippe completed her doctorate at the start-up thanks to this fellowship: “I was able to develop steadily at oncgnostics GmbH. In the meantime, I am production manager, but also active in the fields of development as well as quality management.”

Development opportunities at oncgnostics GmbH

Oncgnostics gives its employees room to develop. Dr. Carolin Dippmann was also able to convince through her doctorate at oncgnostics GmbH, also made possible through a PhD fellowship. Nowadays, the Pharma-Biotechnologist is a permanent team member. Now she supervises students herself in their final theses and is responsible for the implementation of new methods in the laboratory. “My greatest motivation is the team, the individuality of each person and how it fits together perfectly to form a whole. I am also motivated by the feeling that our work is making an important contribution within the field of cancer diagnostics,” says Dr. Dippmann, summarizing the motivation behind her daily work as an important member of the Research and Development department.

Likewise, Kristin Knoll completed her master thesis at oncgnostics: “From master’s student to application specialist and head of customer management – I have been able to gain a lot of experience in my almost nine years at oncgnostics. When I look back to the beginning, I am happy to have been involved in product development and also in the growth of the entire company. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are welcome here – that’s how we shape the company together,” says the pharma biotechnologist regarding her career at oncgnostics GmbH.

oncgnostics employees show initiative

Through initiative, the employees of oncgnostics GmbH not only develop further, but most of them joined the team in the first place. Among them Dr. Anne Hennig, who applied on her own initiative: “The role of project manager as well as the management of a research project was awarded to me after a short time.” She draws her motivation from the “fact that you can make a difference with your daily work.”

Master’s student Carolin Hoyer was also successful with her unsolicited application. For her, it is important to “complete my pharma biotechnology studies with practical experience and an exciting project.” These criteria could be met by oncgnostics GmbH.

A varied workplace

The biotech company offers its employees a varied workplace. Anna Bawany Hums, a research assistant, appreciates this: “Even with a lot of office work, I still slip into my lab coat every now and then. There are no rigid structures here. In addition, the working atmosphere is characterized by appreciation.” Technical assistant Kristina Wunsch sees it the same way: “Interpersonal relationships are very important here. There is a considerate way of working together.”

Kristin Knoll, among others, was able to leave her desk behind a few times. As an applications specialist, she has been able to travel to countries such as Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and Azerbaijan. “When time permits, it’s especially nice to catch a few cultural impressions of cultures I’m unfamiliar with,” she says. In addition, the staff members regularly present the current state of their research at various national as well as international congresses.