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Oncgnostics GmbH is greatly honoured to have been selected by EURONEXT for the TechShare programme. We will be participating in top-class workshops and coaching sessions for half a year.

High-quality Coaching for Start-ups

As one of eleven German start-ups in the medical and biotech sectors, we will have the opportunity to broaden our horizons over the next six months. We will learn how a potential IPO should be prepared, and for which companies it can be useful. In addition, we can look forward to high-quality coaching directly at our premises in Jena. With the acquired knowledge, we will be able to constantly work on and strengthen our company strategy.

Learning from the Success of Others

Euronext TechShare Campus 2019 Rotterdam | photo: Robert Tjalondo © | www.rockinpictures.com

Dr Peter Haug, Head of Business Development & Licensing at oncgnostics, was present at the Kick-off Campus Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rotterdam. The extensive programme was supported by top speakers such as Onno van de Stolpe, CEO and founder of Galapagos NV. The Belgian drug research company was founded in 1999 and successfully went public just six years later: ‘It is very inspiring to hear about the success stories of former start-ups,’ says Dr Peter Haug, describing van de Stolpe’s presentation. ‘In addition, EURONEXT has put together a fascinating selection of high-profile European start-ups. I already knew some of them before, and look forward to networking with the others, all of whom are facing similar next steps and challenges as we are at oncgnostics GmbH.’

After the kick-off in Rotterdam with around 150 international participants, they will continue in different groups. Oncgnostics GmbH will participate in four workshops in Munich, together with six other companies from the Biotech and Medtech sectors. Next spring, all participants will meet in Lisbon for the closing event.